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Where to stay in Reykjavik downtown: best luxury & cheap hotels

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What are the best hotels in Reykjavik Iceland? Info about cheap, luxury or boutique hotels in Reykjavik downtown. Where to stay cheap or luxurious in Reykjavik city center?

Where to stay in Reykjavik?

If you want to have everything around you, a hotel near the old city center of Reykjavik is definitely recommended. A central hotel is located near the Austurvöller square, the Laugavegur shopping street or near the Hallgrímskirkja. Here you have eateries, shops, museums, cafes and sights nearby. Furthermore, you are also near the starting point of many Iceland excursions, but it also remains lively in the center until late in the evening which makes for a lot of fun. Downtownyou can enjoy the typical shopping street Laugavegur with its colored houses, nightlife and restaurants. Tip: To see if your hotel is centrally located downtown, you can check Google Maps for the distance to the Magic Ice Bar Reykjavik. It is very centrally located in the city center and you prefer to be within a radius of 1.5 kilometers from this point, so you don't have to walk too much.

Reykjavik is a very safe city so you don't have to worry about the wrong neighborhoods for your Reykjavik hotel. Are you visiting Reykjavik with a car? Keep in mind that parts of the city center are car-free and that parking near the city center is expensive. Then choose a hotel with good private parking or go a little further from the city so that you can park for free. For example, the Laugardalur district is a quieter and greener place a bit further from the center. There is also a swimming pool, park and small zoo here where you can enjoy yourself. In general, the quality of the hotels in Reykjavik Iceland is fine, but the prices of hotels are significantly higher than in other European cities. Below our pick of the 8 best hotels in Reykjavik Iceland:

Top 8 - Best Hotels Reykjavik Downtown

Freyja Guesthouse hotel Reykjavik

Freyja Guesthouse & Suites

€€ - Rating 9.5, from 131 dollar/euro

This guest house is just 200 meters from Hallgrímskirkja Church. The hotel in Reykjavik has fantastic reviews and a daily fresh smoothie. Helpful staff in planning your trip.

Hotel Reykjavik downtown

Kvosin Downtown Hotel

€€ - Rating 9.2, from 144 dollar/euro

This four-star hotel from 1900 is located downtown on the square behind the cathedral and offers modern and spacious rooms. This hotel is an ideal base for your Reykjavik city trip.

Best Hotel Reykjavik

Sand Hotel by Keahotels

€€ - Rating 9.1, from 143 dollar/euro

This four-star Reykjavik boutique hotel is located on the Laugavegur shopping street. Excellent and well-furnished rooms, delicious breakfast and an ideal base for a city trip.

Luxury Hotel Iceland

Black Pearl Apartment Hotel

€€€ - Rating 9.3, from 271 dollar/euro

Prefer an apartment in Iceland? Not far from the old port, this luxury complex offers bright, spacious suites and good parking. A perfect choice if you are looking for a lot of comfort.

Apótek Hotel Reykjavik

€€ - Rating 9.1, from 148 dollar/euro

Apótek Hotel is a boutique hotel which is located in a monumental building from 1917 in the old town of Reykjavík. Charming hotel with brightly decorated rooms and an excellent restaurant.

>Luxury Hotel Reykjavík

Tower Suites Reykjavík

€€€€ - Rating 9.3, from 529 dollar/euro

These (pricey) stylish penthouse suites are located on the 20th floor of a glass tower with beautiful panoramic views. One of the most luxurious places to stay overnight.

Hotel Iceland

Eyja Guldsmeden Hotel

€€ - Rating 9.0, from 164 dollar/euro

The rooms at this 4-star hotel are decorated in a Balinese style and equipped with four-poster beds. The hotel in Reykjavik is located near the main shopping street. Popular for the extensive breakfast.

Boutique Hotel Reykjavík

Alda Hotel Reykjavík

€€€ - Rating 9.0, from 176 dollar/euro

Located downtown at Laugavegur shopping street, this Icelandic hotel offers neatly decorated, modern rooms. Adjoining a restaurant and many compliments on the staff.

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